Terms and Conditions

Each time you make the choice to access this website or via the Cooperation Council of Ontario website, you agree to the terms of these conditions of use listed below, which will automatically take effect by means of a smart phone or by use of a computer or by any computer hardware whatsoever.

Subject to notifications, modifications may be made to said agreement, previous complaints will not be affected by the changes. Any consultation or use of the site after the entry into force of the changes made will be judged according to the new changes.

The site as a whole, or in part, as well as all the links that lead to it, can be modified or deleted or invoiced by us, the manager, without any responsibility for us.

I – Introduction

The jobimpact.ca website is a platform operated by the Cooperation Council of Ontario (CCO). Its goal is to bring together all job postings and resumes of candidates in the social economy and cooperative sector in Ontario in one secure place, thus allowing employers in this sector to submit their job offers directly, and job seekers, to be able to consult them, and apply by submitting their CV directly. It is free for both job seekers and employers (except the personalized service offer for the employer).

a) Conditions for the job seeker

The CCO does not in any way play a recruiting role, it is just a facilitating role between the employer and the job seeker. The CVs that are therefore submitted are sent directly to employers. Therefore, the CCO therefore has the obligation to communicate directly with people who submit their CV or cover letter in relation to a job application that you may make in response to a vacancy notice posted on this site.

Any physical or moral person (including an employment agency) who submits his CV through the Jobimpact.ca platform or on behalf of a candidate does so by agreeing to the following:

  • the candidate must be at least 14 years old when using the services
  • ┬áthe CV will become the property of the CCO, who reserves the right to forward it to the employer and / or store it in a database;
  • information such as name, surname, address, gender, telephone, email, will be stored in a database owned and managed by the CCO.
  • the user agrees to be sent notifications by email, phone call or by any other means to communicate some information

The CCO should not in any case be held responsible for the veracity of the information provided by employers. Job offers are created and shared by third parties for whom our organization has no control nor expertise over the integrity of the data provided or the legality of their activities.

b) Conditions for the employer

Any physical or moral person positioning themselves as an employer, and who decides to use the Jobimpact.ca site to make these offers visible, accepts:

  • The collection and storage of this information (company name, first name, last name, title, contact details, city of the company’s head office) in a database. This database can be viewed, read, downloaded by one of the collaborators with legal access;
  • The persons concerned can contact him directly for further information;
  • Its information may in certain cases be shared with certain members of our networks;
  • Responsibility and accuracy of the data provided rests with him.

Regarding the data that will be provided by job seekers (residential address, telephone number, email, CV, cover letter or others), the CCO is in no way responsible for their accuracy, and therefore nothing is incumbent on it in this sense.

II – Interpretation

If there is a misinterpretation between the language versions, the French version is the one that predominates over the others.

III – Competent law and applicable jurisdiction

This site is operated directly from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Any litigation, dispute, or situation which could lead to two parties deciding on a point, will be settled in the courts of the Province of Ontario, in the City of Ottawa or in the courts of the Federal Court depending on the circumstances.

IV – Severability

If it happens that one of the statements is declared non-applicable, null or unenforceable by the competent judicial or administrative authority in any way, The fact remains that the others remain applicable, valid and executable until they are invalidated, always by the competent authority.

V – Disclaimer of Warranty

Although the OCC team will spare no effort to ensure that this does not happen, the user of Jobimpact.ca should expect potential platform imperfections. Whether it is the presence of information or inaccurate information that has been published, whether it is the appearance of computer bugs. Articles, documents, advertisements, CVs, cover letters, job offers, texts are published as is without guarantee of conformity or accuracy. Navigating the site must therefore be done while taking all your responsibilities and making sure, above all, to always use the up-to-date version of the site. However, we do not guarantee continued access to the site.

Please note that as some federal and provincial laws do not allow the exclusion of certain warranties. This exclusion may not apply to you. This statement remains in effect despite the termination or expiration of this contract

VI – Limitation of Liability

By its customers, who use the platform for advertising purposes, Jobimpact.ca can in no way be held responsible for any business interruption, loss of profits, expected loss of economy, loss of goodwill, loss of customers

This exclusion and limitation of liability applies to all forms of claim, whether based on contract, liability, warranty or other legal theory.

VII – Security

The CCO will take all necessary steps to secure your personal data by strengthening the security of its platform and that of its database.

VIII – Realization

The CCO has full power, in certain cases, to deprive you of access to the Jobimpact.ca site and/or to revoke your right of use in whole or in part, with or without notice.

IX – Additional Conditions for the User

  • The user of the website Jobimpact.ca should not attempt to copy or hack the site under any circumstances.
  • The user of the website Jobimpact.ca must not in any way try to infringe the rights of others, whether by stealing other users’ data or by trying to enter without consent into the private space of others for their own use.

If you have any questions regarding these conditions, if you wish to inquire about any terms or if you wish to opt out of them, please contact the CCO team.